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gH Conditioners kH Buffers


Acid pH Buffer

  Phosphate free for sensitive fish, shrimp, and plants. Lowers the pH of water & decreases the alkalinity and kH (Carbonate Hardness) without phosphates. For the serious fish, shrimp, and aquatic garden aquarium keeper that works hard to maintain a balanced tank.  Converts carbonate hardness into usable co2 for the plants to use as required.

Available Sizes:

  AB100G 100g
  AB300G 300g
  AB600G 600g
  AB01.2K 1.2kg
  AB005K 5kg
  AB010K 10kg


pH Down Powder


Contains sodium biphosphate.  Lowers the pH of water & decreases alkalinity for those times when the pH needs to be adjusted and balanced.  Reduces stress on the fish.  Always use only in small amounts to avoid large pH changes.

Available Sizes:

  PD040G 40g
  PD080G 80g
  PD200G 200g
  PD400G 400g
  PD800G 800g
  PD002K 2kg
  PD004K 4kg
  PD005K 5kg
  PD008K 8kg
  PD010KB 10kg
  PD016K 16kg
  PD020KB 20kg


pH Up Powder

  Contains sodium bicarbonate.  Raises the pH of water & increases alkalinity for those times when the pH needs to be adjusted and balanced.  Reduces stress on the fish.  Always use only in small amounts to avoid large pH changes.

Available Sizes:

  PU050G 50g
  PU100G 100g
  PU250G 250g
  PU500G 500g
  PU001K 1kg
  PU02.5K 2.5kg
  PU005K 5kg
  PU010K 10kg
  PU020K 20kg


Aquarium Salts


This product raises salinity for fish that require extra sodium, such as many Australian native species, live bearers, and brackish water fish that require higher sodium levels to survive in captivity.  It also helps to prevent infections and aids in the healing process of wounded fish.



Add 1 teaspoon (5 grams) to 8 litres of water

Available Sizes:

  AS100G 100g
  AS250G 250g
  AS500G 500g
  AS001K 1kg
  AS02.5K 2.5kg
  AS005K 5kg
  AS010K 10kg
  AS020K 20kg




Magnesium bathing salts for bathing fish that are having difficulty swimming, have sunken or bloated stomachs, breathing difficulties, or are suspected of having intestinal worms.  It will aid in the clearing process and should be used in conjunction with appropriate medications for best results.


  Add 1 tablespoons (15 grams) to 8 litres of water.  Bathe sick fish in solution for 3 to 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day until symptoms subside.

Available Sizes:

  BX100G 100g
  BX250G 250g
  BX500G 500g
  BX001K 1kg
  BX02.5K 2.5kg
  BX005K 5kg
  BX010K 10kg
  BX020K 20kg


Medicating Salts


This product should be added to your aquarium when fish are suffering from disease, bacterial infections, damage from injury, or parasites like whitespot.  By raising the salinity, it will help prevent secondary infections and will aid the healing process of your fish.  Medicating Salts should be used in conjunction with appropriate medications for the illness you are treating.


  Add 6 teaspoons (30g) to 25 litres of water. (125g salts to 100lt water)

Available Sizes:

  MS100G 100g
  MS250G 250g
  MS500G 500g
  MS001K 1kg
  MS02.5K 2.5kg
  MS005K 5kg
  MS010K 10kg
  MS020K 20kg


Potassium Supplement


For better plant growth and fish fertility.  Potassium is essential for plant growth & photosynthesis, so plants can easily grow and propagate.  Potassium in higher level aids in promoting fertility in fish, increasing spawning frequency and clutch sizes increasing the productivity and profitability of your fish hatchery.



For plant growth, add 5g to 130 litres of water.
To aid in fish fertility, add 1 teaspoon (5g) to 28 litres of water.

Available Sizes:

  PS100G 100g
  PS250G 250g
  PS500G 500g
  PS001K 1kg


  PS005K 5kg
  PS010K 10kg
  PS020K 20kg


Hermit Crab Bathing Salts


Added to the crab’s bathing dish, this product is used as a salty bath for your hermit crabs. Enriched with sodium, calcium, magnesium, kalium, carbon, iron and nickel, with necessary elements and micronutrients that are necessary for the good health and longer life of your hermit crab.


  Add 1.5 teaspoons to 250ml of fresh water. Dissolve thoroughly before adding to the crab’s enclosure.

Available Sizes:

  HCS110G 110g
  HCS250G 250g
  HCS550G 550g


Fighter Conditioning Pre Mix Concentrate


“Idiot Proof”.  This is a “NO FUSS” product, aimed at the customer who keep fighting fish in small volumes of water such as a vase or bowl.  It contains gH Conditioner, kH Buffer for stable pH, Chlorine Neutralizer – all in one product.  Simply pour the contents of the 50ml bottle into a clean 2 litre bottle and add water to fill.  This will raise general hardness by approx. 6dgH, carbonate hardness by approx. 6dkH, and adjust pH to around 7.0.  Also removes chlorine & chloramine, and binds up heavy metals, fluoride, light ammonia and adds a protective slime coat to the fish.

Available Sizes:

  FPM050M 50ml
  FPM250M 250ml


Fighter Conditioning Pack


This pack has everything you need to get perfect water conditions for fighter and other bettas in one neat package.  Contains: 1 x 50ml Fighter Chlorine Neutralizer, 1 x 50g Fighter gH Conditioner, 1 x 50ml Fighter Beneficial Bacteria Booster, 1 x 40g Fighter kH Buffer (for a stable pH of approx. 7.0). The 5-pack also contains 1 x 25g Floating 1mm Fighter Colour Pellets.

Available Sizes:

  FP004 4 Pack
  FP005 5 Pack




Kalkwasser is a calcium hydroxide supplement to help corals grow and build coral bone structure.  Unlike many other brands, this product is finely ground to maximise solubility.


  Keep adding Kalkwasser powder to 2 litres of water until no more can be dissolved.  Then over a few hours, add solution to the aquarium very slowly (using a drop system into a moving current)

Available Sizes:

  KW125G 150g
  KW225G 225g
  KW450G 450g
  KW01.2k 1.2kg
  KW02.4K 2.4kg
  KW04.5K 4.5kg


Indian Almond leaves (Premium AAA grade)


Indian Almond leaves are used by professional breeders as an all-natural way to add tannins, humic acids and beneficial microbes to a soft water aquarium.  Increases the health and well-being of fish, shrimp and other aquatic life. 


  Simply place the leaf in the aquarium and let nature do its work!  Comes in a convenient, cello-wrapped 10-pack.  Each leaf is about 25cm long.

Available Sizes:

  AL010P Pack of 10 leaves