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Aqua Pics was created in 1995, and manufactures one of the best and most comprehensive ranges of wholesale aquarium conditioners available.  We are proud to be Australian made and owned.

Owner / manager Scott Haymes has been an avid fish keeper for over 45 years.  At the age of 6 years, he won 3 goldfish at a local fete which were proudly taken home and started their life with Scott in a large pickle jar! By 9 years old, Scott was already breeding fish and selling them to the local aquarium shop, soon progressing to breeding cichlids and from his teens was breeding some very rare fish. So began his career in the pet and aquarium industry.  A career that included over 12 years working with Heinze Straude, owner of All Aquarium and Pet Supplies in Mulgrave, the cichlid hub of Victoria, learning everything there was to know about cichlids.  Heinze was a founder of the Victorian Cichlid Society, and Scott was a committee member for over 15 years.

After working as a sales rep and then State Sales Manager for large aquarium wholesalers, Scott opened his own retail aquarium “Aquatic Dreams” in Dandenong.  With a state-of-the-art setup and 8500 sq.m. of specialty fish keeping that was known Australia-Wide. His current fish room, established in 1996, houses over 60 aquariums, holding some of the rarest fish in this country (many of which were wild-caught). At the time, many of these fish were not being bred in Australia, and even keeping the fish alive was a struggle for many people, as any accurate information on water conditioners was hard to come by. 

Finding the commercially available range of conditioners and buffers to be inadequate, Scott embarked on a mission to research and develop his own formulas and began manufacturing what was to later become the Aqua Pics range of products.

“I have always been a fish keeper first and a business man second, and will continue to build and improve my products to make fish keeping easier for everybody and therefore elevate the hobby, exposing it to many more successful fish keepers.  I am very proud to have a premium range of products made right here in Australia.” – Scott Haymes

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