Collection: Aquatica Basics

What is the difference between Aquatica and Aqua-Pics Conditioners and Buffers?

Aquatica Basics is an economy product but is still made from premium quality chemicals and is equivalent to most GH Conditioners and KH Buffers on the market.  Aquatica Basics corrects GH and KH but does not contain the many added benefits of the Aqua-Pics Premium range.  For example, the Aqua-Pics Premium range contains more trace elements plus extra minerals such as potassium to help with egg production, fertility and plant growth. It also contains a little iodide to help with thyroid function and so on.

Can I buy Aquatica Basics in bulk for massive savings?

Yes you can!  Just click here: Aquatica Basics in Bulk For Pick Up Only

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