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Cycle-Right Bacteria Food (for fishless cycling) 250ml

Cycle-Right Bacteria Food (for fishless cycling) 250ml

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There are now two ways to begin a cycle in a new aquarium!  Traditionally we have used fish to produce waste that converts into ammonia to feed the beneficial bacteria.  This can create a lot of damage and stress to these fish.  There is a better way!

Using Cycle-Right, you can now add chemically-clean ammonia directly to the aquarium. By monitoring the ammonia level regularly, keeping it between 1 and 2ppm, you can cycle your tank safely and efficiently without causing harm to any aquatic creatures in the process. Keep away from children. Do not use while fish are in the tank.

Directions: For first dose, add 20ml per 100 litres. Test your aquarium water daily and keep adding Cycle-Right as required to maintain ammonia levels between 1 and 2 ppm. After 7 days, start testing daily for both nitrites and ammonia. Once ammonia is between 1 and 2ppm AND nitrite is zero for 4 days in a row, stop adding Cycle-Right. Wait 24 to 48 hours and retest. Nitrite and ammonia should both be zero. Now add your fish.

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