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Filter Wool Sheet for aquarium filters Premium Quality

Filter Wool Sheet for aquarium filters Premium Quality

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Our Premium quality filter wool sheet is manufactured specifically for use in aquariums.  It captures both coarse and fine particulate matter before it passes through the other stages of your filter system.  Made from extra dense (300 gsm), 40mm thick, thermally bonded polyester fibre, this is a firm aquarium filtration media which resists compression and is less likely to slump or collapse under water pressure.  Aqua-Pics filter wool is safe for all aquarium life.  It is quick and convenient to replace and suitable for any type of filtration which uses filter wool, including canister filters, trickle systems and top filters.

Many filter wools are made from material designed for air conditioning rather than aquariums. They often collapse, need more frequent replacement, and may contain harmful chemicals or toxins.  Don’t risk your fish!  Use Aqua-Pics Premium quality filter wool.

Directions: Cut to shape and size required.  Rinse well before use.  Place media into appropriate chamber of your filter.

Aqua-Pics Filter Wool Sheet is also available in larger sizes for pick-up only.  Click here for more information: Products for Pick-Up Only

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