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Macro-Pure Nitrate & Tannin Remover 100ml

Macro-Pure Nitrate & Tannin Remover 100ml

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Aqua-Pics Premium Macro-Pure is a macroporous synthetic polymer resin filter media that has a much greater absorption capacity than many other similar products available. Rapidly clears brown tannin-stained water and absorbs nitrates by filtering nitrogenous waste. It is a perfect treatment system which purifies your water for a crystal clear aquarium. Macro-Pure will not interfere with other treatments such as KH buffers or GH generators.

Directions: Rinse well before use in a fine mesh bag (such as Macro-Socks), then place the bag of Macro-Pure in your filter. 100ml will treat up to 480 litres of water for up to 6 months. 5 litres will treat up to 24,000 litres of water for up to 6 months. When Macro-Pure is exhausted it can be recharged in a 6% salt solution (2 handfuls of non-iodised salt to 1 litre of water) for 12 hours. Rinse well before use. Once the Macro-Pure becomes significantly darker in colour, or after 4 to 5 recharges in the salt solution, it will need to be recharged in a 50% bleach solution for optimum results. 

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